3 Ways Legal Tech Can Market Your Firm

3 Ways Legal Tech Can Market Your Firm

April 04, 2019

The right legal technology can be your firm’s best marketing asset. It sounds crazy, I know, but I have experienced it firsthand.

Connective Counsel was originally created within a mid-size law firm to facilitate client document management and connectivity. The firm couldn’t find a software platform that provided the services they needed: a state of the art legal technology platform with a client-facing mobile app that wouldn’t break the budget, provided instant access to all the documents and files clients need, proprietary dashboards to keep clients effortlessly updated on the status of matters, document assembly to enable client self-service, and more innovations that eliminated client pain points.

As we talked with clients and on-boarded them to the platform, it became clear that there were incredibly natural marketing opportunities that came with the implementation of client-focused legal technology, including increased client retention, increased opportunities to win new work, and, most importantly, the ability to create new marketing content focused on innovation.

1. Legal Client Retention

When your firm invests in new legal technology that centers on client access and communication it becomes a talking point to your current clients.

Client retention is key in the ever changing legal world. The days when a corporation or family stayed with one firm for decades have passed. Clients take their legal business to new firms frequently, in search of better representation and better service. Often, all it takes is one error or bad interaction with a service partner or senior associate and a client will pack up and take their work to another firm that’s been courting them. This isn’t just anecdotal: in a recent survey, 48% of clients indicated they have left a law firm due to poor customer service. Don’t become just another statistic.

Adopting legal technology that eliminates common client pain points, and communicating this evolution to clients, can be key to your client retention strategy.  Clients want to hear about measures you are taking to improve your service and connectivity. The first time they pull up documents on their phone from their digital corporate record book on a Saturday afternoon, or the first push notification for a real estate document upload which chirps on their iPhone, is going to make your firm stand out from a pack of other firms promising they are “a true business partner to their clients.”

2. Recruiting New Legal Clients

If your current clients are happy to hear about your firm’s increased customer care, consider how you can talk about your legal tech when courting new clients. Every legal software platform has customer success stories about landing clients because of white glove customer service their technology provides.

Connective Counsel is no exception. Firms on our platform have recruited new clients because they can pull out their iPhone and demonstrate the high level client service they provide within the app. Want to customize an NDA form your attorney has created for you and email it to a contact? For Connective Counsel firms, that’s a 30 second demo during a recruitment dinner. Our clients can show off their branded litigation dashboard, or Real Estate holding section. That’s right: their client-facing app has their firm logo and name on every screen. Connective Counsel customers have put their law firm in their clients’ pockets.

Whatever platform you use, your firm’s technology can be a major selling point when talking to potential clients. As we’ve developed Connective Counsel, we talk with actual clients about what they want and need in a client portal. The most shocking thing I’ve heard from clients across the country, from small businesses to Fortune 100’s, when we show them our app is “No one has ever offered us anything like this.”  The flip side of 48% of firm clients being dissatisfied with their current firm is that you can make tech work to your advantage. Imagine how impressed potential clients will be seeing how responsive your firm is to client needs.

3. Content

The right technology can make your marketing department’s day. In today’s marketing landscape, social media demands that you constantly create new content. Ask any legal marketer what the most difficult, time consuming part of their job is and they will tell you that fresh content makes or breaks a successful marketing campaign. To promote your firm they need new ways to sell your practice and the level of expertise and client service you can provide. Legal technology adoptions give them creative and innovative content to develop.

If you’re a solo or small firm, you or one of your partners IS the marketing department. Make your life easier and launch a marketing campaign with imagery or stories that highlight the client connectivity and technology your small practice brings to the table. You can offer a level of customer service now that previously existed only in larger firms. Market that!

New technology is a good marketing strategy only if it works for you and your firm. Make sure the tech you select serves your needs properly. Successful tech should enhance your practice of law, keep your clients satisfied and cut down on administrative time. If your legal technology does all this, the marketing opportunities are the icing on your cake.

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