Connective Counsel | Branding & Marketing Opportunities

Expectations and demands

If you use Connective Counsel, clients will see that you are ahead of the curve, thinking about what matters to them and providing solutions they didn’t even know they needed.

Legal Services

70% of clients express a level of dissatisfaction with their legal services provider


X Clients per year switch law firms because of Y


45% of general counsels don’t see the law firms they work with innovating

Stand Out As An Innovator

Market your firm as a leader in innovation as well as client service through your adoption of ConnectIVITY. Create an innovation branded narrative for your firm.

・ Your firm's name and logo are on every menu, meaning you get free, branded advertising every time your client looks at their phone or logs into their account. You can even have your logo as the app icon.

・ Complimentary marketing content including brochures and collateral templates, a client success email campaign, and client training video library.

・ Added value for your clients with DIY solutions they get from you instead of the internet.