Connective Counsel | Insight


Connectivity dramatically increases your connection to your attorney and legal world. The platform and app effortlessly deliver automatic push notification updates to your phone when important milestones occur.

・ Notifications include closing binders creation; legal calendar reminders; invoice creation; attorney communication; and more.

Insight Based Client Dashboards

The ConnectIVITY platform and client app give you insight into your matters with proprietary dashboards –simple and intuitive interfaces help you see and understand what's new, what’s next, and what’s needed.

・ Our litigation, real estate, and mergers & acquisition dashboards show you where your case or deal is at a glance.

・ Dashboards house relevant deal or litigation documents which you can preview, download, or share at the click of a button from your phone, tablet or desktop.

・ The notes tool creates a closed loop of communication, specific to ease case or deal, between you and your legal team. Get a push notification on your phone when your attorney leaves a note, bypassing your crowded inbox.