Five Things You Need To Connect with Clients

January 08, 2019

How are you connecting with your clients? Are you sending sensitive documents through unencrypted emails? Sending texts to bypass overcrowded inboxes? What if there was a way to put all your critical communication with your client in a single, secure place?

There is – it’s called a client portal. Some practice management platforms for small firms and solo practitioners include a client portal as part of their software. Some firms use extranet platforms to create a space where clients can access documents.

But every client portal isn’t created equal. Some are clunky and hard to use. Others are intimidating to both lawyers and clients. And most are aimed at people who sit at their desks all day, not business owners who are managing their company from their phone.

Five important things to think about when choosing a client portal:

  • Do Clients Want to Use It? Clients need a portal that’s easy to use, takes no instruction to learn, and makes sense right off the bat.
  • Is there a Mobile App? Mobile apps are more effective for communicating than websites and create better brand loyalty.
  • Can Clients Pay Bills on It? Your portal should integrate bill payment so that clients can see how much they owe, when it’s due, and pay with a single click.
  • Will it Feed the DIY Need? Be sure your portal can automate smaller tasks and allow clients to “self-serve” anytime, anywhere.
  • Does it Keep Clients Informed? Lack of communication is the number one complaint from clients about their attorneys, so make sure your portal helps you ease the communication gap.

There aren’t a lot of solutions that check all of these boxes, though. We looked at dozens of platforms before we decided to build Connective Counsel. None of them offered what we knew was necessary for success: an easy-to-use interface and fully brandable mobile app that improved client access to their legal universe.

Connective Counsel

Connective Counsel was born from the unmet need in the legal industry for a portal that worked for clients and lawyers. So we created the legal industry’s leading brandable mobile app and a simple way to manage the files and information that needed to be presented. Though we started as an internal project at a mid-size law firm in Cleveland, Ohio, we rapidly realized that what we had built should be shared with other firms.

As the legal industry continues to be disrupted, law firms have to find ways to deepen their connection to their clients while leveraging the best legal technology available. And while even the most basic portals add value to your firm, the right platform can have an exponential impact.

To learn more about the five things above and how Connective Counsel does them, download our white paper on the Five Things You Must Have in a Client Experience Manager.

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