A New Way to Connect with Clients

Expectations and demands

If you use Connective Counsel, clients will see that you are ahead of the curve, thinking about what matters to them and providing solutions they didn’t even know they needed.

Legal Services

70% of clients express a level of dissatisfaction with their legal services provider


X Clients per year switch law firms because of Y


45% of general counsels don’t see the law firms they work with innovating


Connectivity’s client focus strengthens the relationship between you and your client.

• Fully White Labeled Client App. Your firm’s logo and name are prominently displayed on your client’s phone.

• Access Anytime. Anywhere. Clients have 24/7 access to their legal universe, even when offline.

• Communication. Automated and custom push notifications send updates when documents are available, legal calendar reminders are due, invoices are ready, and more. All to your client’s phone.

• Legal Insight. Our proprietary dashboards give clients insight into the legal process and effortlessly keeps them in the loop.

• Added Value. For your clients with DIY solutions, they get from you instead of the internet.

Secure admin panel accessible anywhere anytime

Designed by lawyers for lawyers. We've done away with confusing and clunky screens. The Connective Counsel interface is intuitive and simple, allowing you to quickly and easily:

• Create a customized experience for each client

• Update corporate records in a matter of seconds

• Create and share closing binders in a fraction of your normal time

Focused on clients with lawyers in mind

While everything we do at Connective Counsel starts with the question of "what does the client need", we close with the question of "how do we help lawyers fill that need." Our platform is so intuitive and easy to use you'll find yourself wondering how you used anything else.

Let us help you stand out as an innovator

Connective Counsel is constantly thinking about how to help law firms like yours innovate and better serve clients. From smart contracts to automation, we have you covered.


Connective Counsel was created by a mid-size law firm that saw what was happening to our industry and decided to fight back. Now we’re making the platform available to law firms all over the world so they can future-proof their firms. No set up fees, no seat licenses, just pay for what you use.