Connective Counsel | Innovative Pricing Structure

Innovative Pricing Structure

Our beta group pricing model is simple: pay only for what you use.

Legal Services

70% of clients express a level of dissatisfaction with their legal services provider


X Clients per year switch law firms because of Y


45% of general counsels don’t see the law firms they work with innovating


What do we mean by innovative pricing? For our beta group there are no set up fees. No seat licenses. Pay only for what you use. It is really that simple.


ConnectIVITY was created for a mid-size law firm that wasn't going to sit by and be disrupted. The platform and client service tool helps you future-proof your firm and stand out as an innovator.

That's why our pricing model is simple: $100 per client company, per year for our beta group.

Pay Only For What You Use

• Limited upfront cost with the ConnectIVITY pricing model. Set up fees are waived for beta group firms.

• No seat licenses, no large expenditures that technology committees or managing partners have to agonize over.

• $100 per year, per client company. That's not per client user, that's per client company. The pricing covers all storage fees and full use of all of the platform's tools and proprietary dashboards.

Revenue Opportunities

• ConnectIVITY's/onboarding process offers the opportunity for billable hours and connection with your clients.

• Flat fee opportunities for custom legal form set up.

• Reoccurring revenue opportunities or revenue-neutral pass-through fees to clients with ConnectIVITY service.