Connective Counsel | Simple Onboarding

Expectations and demands

If you use Connective Counsel, clients will see that you are ahead of the curve, thinking about what matters to them and providing solutions they didn’t even know they needed.

Legal Services

70% of clients express a level of dissatisfaction with their legal services provider


X Clients per year switch law firms because of Y


45% of general counsels don’t see the law firms they work with innovating

Short Training and Set Up Periods

• Give us 24 hours from sign up and we'll have your domain up and ready to go.

• Law firm users are able to learn the system within 1-2 hours using our library of training videos.

• Clients learn how to use the app in minutes with our intuitive user interface.

Easy To Use

• Your current legal technology systems probably work well, but we guarantee clients do not have the ease of access or seamless communication that ConnectIVITY provides. Let our app be the face you show to clients while allowing our platform to integrate with your current technology.

• The cloud-based attorney platform and mobile client app complements your firm's current document management system or serves as a simple stand-alone system.


ConnectIVITY was created by a mid-size law firm that saw what was happening to our industry and decided to fight back. Now we’re making the platform and client app available to law firms all over the world so they can future-proof their firms. Join our beta group and enjoy: no set up fees, no seat licenses, just pay for what you use.