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Attorney-client relationships rely heavily on full transparency and accessibility of relevant information. But without a single, integrated platform through which to communicate, important documents, dates and reminders can slip through the cracks. Even the most organized attorneys and their clients cannot possibly manage all the necessary pieces to the puzzle in a logical, well-structured way. There is a severe lack in both the time and resources needed for proper legal relationship maintenance.

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Platform Overview

More than a client portal, Connective Counsel is a platform that empowers attorneys to be fully transparent with their clients, giving them complete access and control over their legal world. This enhanced transparency from attorney to client streamlines communications and improves client satisfaction.

Technology continues to change the way your clients do business, and legal service providers like yourself need to change with them. From automation to smart contracts, Connective Counsel helps you stand out as an innovator.

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The first-in-industry app that puts your law firm in your client’s pocket


Your client’s critical legal documents where and when they need them


Give clients the ability to automate, send and execute contracts in minutes using proprietary technology (with a private blockchain on the way)


Securely share bills and take payments from inside the app via credit card or ACH


Help your clients access capital at competitive rates and terms


Give clients the insight into their matters and legal spend


Tools for clients to manage employee matters aligned with your advice


With prescheduled push notifications, never worry again that clients aren’t being reminded about upcoming deadlines

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’ve used a lot of law firms and none of them have made anything like Connective Counsel available to me. It’s a game changer.” - President and CEO of leading national residential survey company

“Our staff hated our old client portal. But Connective Counsel is easy to use. Processes that used to take days now take minutes.” - Administrative Partner of mid-sized law firm

“Connective Counsel eliminates the things that slow business down.” - Alan Gillmore, IV at Gillmore Security Systems

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