2019 New Years Resolutions and Predictions from Legal Technology and Law Innovators

2019 is poised to be a huge year for legal technology. Technology is already exploding in Europe and Asia, and we think that this year American law firms will begin to realize both the potential of technology and its benefits to their practice. 


We collected new years resolutions and predictions from legal technology leaders and innovators that are both inspirational and thought provoking. We hope you have a happy new year and enjoy the food for thought that these leaders have given us. 

“In 2019, I’m resolving to build innovative solutions that bring lawyers and their clients closer together and to continue finding ways for technology to eliminate friction and pain points in the attorney-client relationship.”

Jennifer Hart

In 2019, legal technology solutions and service providers are going to be more and more customer-focused. We’ll see more and more decisions being made because it’s what the user wants and needs.” 

Amy Mann

Communications Director, LawPay


We’re recommended by 48 state bars, trusted by 50,000 lawyers, and we’re the only payment solution offered through the ABA Advantage program.   

“My New Year’s resolution is to dig in on listening to customers about reducing their daily hassles and inspire them to view contracts as being as dynamic and connected as the commercial world around them.”

Houman Shadab

Cofounder, Clause


Clause is a platform for radically improving the way transactional lawyers practice and companies do business by digitizing and automating contracts through connecting them to external data and software systems. 

“I am predicting 2019 as the year that the most valuable role inside law will shift from Rainmaker to Changemaker”

Debra Baker

Managing Director at GrowthPlay


GrowthPlay leverages talent analytics to help lawyers optimize growth and adapt their services to better meet client needs. 

In 2019, we will see the beginning of a tipping point in the market on A.I. in legal. The early adopters will start to expand their initiatives. Another wave of buyers will jump in, only they will move faster than their predecessors because many offerings are more mature. Everything and everyone in the space is learning, and 2019 will be one of the first payoff years, setting up an explosive 2020.

Kevin Miller

CEO, Legal Sifter

“I’m resolving to use technology to be more efficient and to help law firms use Connective Counsel to eliminate inefficiencies and non-billable tasks.”

Carey Rogers

Onboarding Specialist, Connective Counsel


Connective Counsel is a platform including a brandable mobile app that connects law firms and clients